Cooler Master MasterPlus+ Software Download

Cooler Master MasterPlus+ is a unified software platform that allows you to control and customize various Cooler Master products, including fans, coolers, peripherals, and even cases. It offers a range of features to enhance your system’s performance, aesthetics, and overall user experience. Here’s a breakdown of its key features:

Cooler Master MasterPlus+ Software Download

General Fan Control:

  • Adjust fan speeds to balance cooling and noise levels.
  • Create custom fan curves for tailored performance.
  • Monitor fan health and status in real-time.

Lighting Control:

  • Customize the lighting of compatible Cooler Master components.
  • Choose from millions of colors and various effects.
  • Create synchronized lighting schemes across multiple devices.

Overclocking (for select products):

  • Safely push your hardware beyond stock speeds for improved performance.
  • Monitor temperatures and voltages closely while overclocking.
  • Create and save custom overclocking profiles.


  • Track system temperatures, voltages, fan speeds, and other vitals in real-time.
  • View historical data and trends for analysis.
  • Set up alerts for potential issues.


  • Create and save custom settings for different scenarios or users.
  • Easily switch between profiles for quick adjustments.


  • Receive notifications for potential problems, such as high temperatures or fan failures.
  • Set up custom alerts to suit your needs.

Gaming Mode:

  • Optimize performance and fan speeds for a smoother gaming experience.
  • Minimize distractions and maximize focus.

Mobile App Support:

  • Control your Cooler Master components remotely from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Monitor system stats and adjust settings on the go.

To use MasterPlus+, you’ll need to:

  1. Download and install the software from the Cooler Master website.
  2. Connect your compatible Cooler Master devices to your PC.
  3. Launch the software and follow the on-screen prompts to configure your settings.

Overall, Cooler Master MasterPlus+ is a comprehensive and user-friendly software suite that empowers you to take full control of your Cooler Master ecosystem. It offers a wide range of features to enhance your system’s performance, aesthetics, and customization options.


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OS: Windows 11, Windows 10
Version: V. 1.9.4 File Size: 349.12 MB File Type: exe