Cooler MasterMouse MM530 Driver Software Download

Cooler MasterMouse MM530 is the worthy successor to the CM Storm Mizar – this time upgraded for the serious gamer. It features sleek ergonomic styling with molding and side grips ideal for palm grippers. It also has the hardware features to match, with a precise Pixart 3360 lag-free 1:1 input, on-the-fly DPI adjustments up to 12000, and Omron switches for rugged durability. Well-balanced and packed with features, this a gaming mouse custom-tailored for high-action competition in first-person shooters. The MM530 is especially built for high-performance palm-grip gamers in mind. A larger body and rubber side grips ensure your palm stays comfortable. Ideal for FPS and RTS games, this mouse is a valuable weapon to have on the battlefield. We fitted the MM530 with a pro-grade Pixart 3360 optical sensor with up to 12000 DPI, resulting in an input that’s lag-free, with no acceleration or stutter. And on-the-fly adjustment means you can tailor your precision based on the game you’re winning. The MM530 is built to withstand serious punishment. The rubber grips are built to last, and key areas on the frame are composed of long-lasting, wear-free PBT plastic, some of the hardest plastic used to build hardware today. Additionally, Omron switches under the buttons are graded for 20 million presses that remain accurate and true till the end.

Cooler MasterMouse MM530 Driver Software Download


  • Victory in the palm of your hand
  • Perfect for palm grips
  • A sensor built for precision
  • One word: rugged.
  • Customizable dpi settings
  • Customize your lightshow

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Cooler Master Portal V1.01 :>> Software Download<<
OS: Windows 11, Windows 10
Version: V. 1.01 File Size: 8.6 MB File Type: rar

Cooler Master SDK V25 :>> Software Download<<
OS: Windows 11, Windows 10
Version: V. 25 File Size: 3.7 MB File Type: rar