NexiGo Iris Driver Software Download

The NexiGo Iris webcam provides high-resolution video and high-quality input and output audio right out of the box. I have been using it daily for a couple of weeks on regular conference calls with great outbound video and audio. I just started using it in non-desktop presentations; that’s where the “advanced features” that it supports make this much more than a simple webcam and explain its premium price. It excels in three ways: 4K video quality, smart AI-driven tracking, and actual human technical support representatives who know the product. Video and audio quality: I use the IRIS for business and personal calls on Zoom and Teams, and I am trying it out now for presentations at online conferences. It supports all levels of video, from 640×480 to 1280×720 to 1920×108, with increasingly sharper images. With the high-resolution sensor, it goes beyond that to 2560×1440 all the way up to its 3840×2160 max. However, I have used it mostly at 1080p, which I’ve discovered is the sweet spot for its advanced features. If I used the 4K maximum video setting, I’d probably switch to the supported HDMI, but I don’t see the need for that yet. The outbound audio sound quality is great due to the noise-reducing and noise-cancelling microphones. NexiGo claims that the noise reduction works up to 20 feet away. I can attest to it working 12 feet out with some minimal background noise. I haven’t tried it with heavy metal pumping away in the background.

Nexigo Iris Driver Software Download


  • The largest sensor (1/1.8″) ever on a webcam
  • Everything is hardware-based
  • DSLR quality with webcam convenience
  • Onboard flash memory and smart AI
  • Innovative picture-in-picture mode

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Camera Settings:>> Nexigo Webcam Drivers Software<<
OS: Windows
Version: V.1.1 File Size: 1.91 MB File Type: exe

Camera Settings:>> Nexigo Webcam Drivers Software<<
OS: macOS Non-Monterey
Version: n/a File Size: n/a File Type: dmg

Camera Settings:>> Nexigo Webcam Drivers Software<<
OS: macOS Monterey
Version: n/a File Size: 3.79 MB File Type: dmg


NexiGo Webcam Settings User Guide:>> Nexigo Webcam Manual<<