Roccat KIRO Driver Software Download

The Roccat KIRO Driver With its highly modular, superdextrous build, the game has been changed for ambidextrous mice. Optimisable for both left and right-handed gamers out of the box, it ticks all the boxes for gamers who thrive on a highly functional mouse with a clean, ergonomic design. With no-sweat parts comprised of a ROCCAT-pioneered soft-touch surface, the Kiro is the flexible ergonomic mouse that lets you win your way. Ideal for both left and right-handed gamers, Kiro features out of the box ergonomic customisation, with modular components to match your ideal mouse feel. The Pro-Optic R2 sensor allows a stable DPI double-up thanks to the powerful Turbo Core V2 32-bit ARM-based MCU. From 2000DPI to 4000DPI thanks to overdrive mode. Proudly flying the ROCCAT flag high, the Kiro features vibrant logo illumination, customisable in 16.8 million discrete colours. Swarm is ROCCAT’s vision for the future of gaming software. Greater than the sum of its parts, it represents a powerful ecosystem where computers, peripherals and mobile devices are brought together in unison for a completely unique experience. The software extension of ROCCAT’s future ready philosophy, Swarm’s modular build ensures you’ll be prepared for whatever comes. Performance wise the Roccat Kiro mouse has a 2,000 DPI optical sensor attached. This is rather low compared to other gaming mice on the market, however can be ‘overcharged’ to 4,000 DPI. You do this by entering the Roccat Swarm driver software which is a free download. To be honest, a maximum of 2,000 DPI is more than adequate for most gamers on the planet, unless you have some kind of ability to track objects on screen using extremely minimal movements.

Roccat KIRO Driver


  • 4000DPI Pro-Optic Sensor R2
  • Talk FX + AlienFX lighting effects
  • Superdextrous shape optimised for L/R
  • 16.8M multicolour illumination ROCCAT logo
  • 32-bit ARM MCU + on-board memory
  • Extendable – modular component compatibility

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Roccat Swarm :>> Software Download<<
OS: Windows
Version: V. 1.9454 File Size: 116.54 MB File Type: exe

ROCCAT Talk FX :>> Software Download<<
OS: Windows
Version: V.  File Size: 4.52 MB File Type: zip