Roccat SOVA Driver Software Download

The Roccat SOVA Driver Gaming Lapboard bridges the gap between PC gaming at the desk and gambling on the couch. Make yourself comfortable on your couch and play with mouse and keyboard on PC, Xbox One *, PS4 *, Steam Machine or Streaming Device. * only with compatible games. As a mechanical or membrane keyboard, the Sova meets the different preferences of the players, including the well-known and beloved key lighting by the ROCCAT fans. The Sova is plug-and-play. You want to play your favorite PC games on the couch or control the Xbox One with mouse and keyboard? The Sova makes your living room gaming-ready. Maximum comfort, tried and tested in hundreds of hours of play and specially designed for gaming on the couch. The ergonomic shape with padded bottom and wrist rest prepares for marathon sessions. Designed to completely replace the desk, the Sova is the perfect combo for use in the living room. Popular software features make the Sova Lapboard not only comfortable and practical, but powerful as well. Controlled by ROCCAT’s innovative Swarm technology, all of your ROCCAT products and technologies are brought together in one simple interface. With access to system commands, vital game features, and more, you’re one step ahead with the Sova. The practical mouse cable channel prevents cable clutter. Two integrated USB ports allow you to connect, charge and use additional devices such as your headset. And with the possibilities of 3D printing you can create for you a truly unique Sova, which adapts completely to your needs.

Roccat SOVA Driver


  • Superior design, comfortable even after long periods of use
  • Indestructible build for the wear and tear of comfortable gaming
  • High-Accuracy mousepad, wrist rest and cushions
  • Totally Lag-Free for couch gaming without technical limitations
  • ROCCAT Swarm software suite and companion app optimized
  • Mouse bungee + Cable Channel for distraction-free gameplay
  • Docking rail supports mouse bungee + custom clip-on parts
  • Configurable blue key back-lighting on per-key basis
  • TTC mechanical switches with near infinite key stroke durability

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Roccat Swarm :>> Software Download<<
OS: Windows
Version: V. 1.9462 File Size: 103.17 MB File Type: zip

ROCCAT Talk FX :>> Software Download<<
OS: Windows
Version: V.  File Size: 4.52 MB File Type: zip