Roccat Swarm Driver Software Download

The Swarm is the driver software designed for many ROCCAT devices and not only bears the proper drivers for Windows, it also enables you to customize your experience in many ways. The software helps to keep your drivers up to date and enables you to restore a device’s firmware should something misbehave at some point. While Swarm is not necessary in order to use ROCCAT devices, it unlocks their full potential. Without Swarm you are still able to use your devices, but you are missing out on features such as illumination controls, re-assigning keys and buttons, customizing sensitivities or creating macros and profiles. Whenever a new device is connected to Windows, the system automatically checks for available drivers so that the user experience is smooth and the device functions as intended. However, oftentimes Windows drivers are outdated or not the correct ones to the full extent. Because of that it always makes sense to install the manufacturer’s drivers as soon as possible. These drivers are provided through Swarm for most of ROCCAT’s devices. Many settings made in Swarm can also be made within the Windows control panel, for example mouse pointer acceleration. Through Swarm these settings are all in one place and easily accessible. Swarm offers constant updates that help with stability, security and sometimes even new features. Even if you do not plan on customizing your product, it still makes sense to use Swarm in order to properly set things up for the future. Many settings can even be stored on the device’s onboard memory so that Swarm doesn’t always have to be active.

Roccat Swarm Driver


  • Show active driver profile
  • Turn auto-profile toggle on or off
  • Set profile as your default desktop profile
  • Switch between different lighting effects *
  • Adjust lighting effect speed *
  • Adjust lighting brightness *
  • Enable lighting on or off *
  • Show APM (actions per minute)
  • Show errors per hit (press backspace)
  • Monitoring statistics Show hardware of host PC
  • Start programs and games


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OS: Windows
Version: V. 1.9454 File Size: 116.54 MB File Type: exe

Swarm settings

While settings and customizability vary between devices, there are always reoccurring categories. Every device offers basic settings, and some even offer advanced ones, depending on the individual device. In addition, most devices offer customizability when it comes to their illumination and colors. Input devices like mice and keyboards also enable you to configure key assignments and shortcuts. Besides device configuration there are also some settings you can make that affect Swarm globally. These settings are divided in general settings and the update center.

General Swarm Settings

General settings include automatically starting Swarm when Windows boots up, checking for updates and downloading them automatically and notifying the user that a new update can be installed. You can also choose your language here. The Offline Mode, once enabled, immediately installs all available devices modules, no matter if a device is connected or not. This is very helpful if you are not able to download a driver later or if you want to make sure that the driver for the device you are planning to buy is already there once you connect it. The Extended Debug Logging is more of a support setting that helps us to find out more about your devices and potential bugs and issues. This setting does not give us any personal information, it is rather an option to get a better insight if we require some log files should you ever contact our support team.

Swarm Update Center

The Update Center offers a lot of information. Here you can check software and driver versions for the devices you have installed, and you can access the change log of those devices to find out in detail what has changed with the latest update. For each device you can also find the individual Recovery Tool that is an important troubleshooting function. It recovers the firmware of your device which can help to solve bugs and issues. If you want to use this tool to completely reset your device, make sure to back up your profiles as they will be removed.