Roccat Vulcan II Max Driver Software Download

The Roccat Vulcan II Max Driver is the full-size version of the recently-launched Vulcan II Mini, and it sports many of the same features: Roccat’s Titan II optical switches (in linear Red or tactile Brown), 24 “smart” dual-LED switches, an anodized aluminum top plate, and Roccat’s signature “organic” Aimo lighting experience. The ROCCAT Vulcan II keyboards are outstanding for gaming. They have exceptionally low latency, and the linear optical switches on the unit we tested feel light to press and have short pre-travel, making them feel very responsive in-game. These keyboards have outstanding RGB lighting showcased by the low-profile keycaps. Using the customization software, you can also customize the lighting on a per-key basis. Unfortunately, while the build quality of these keyboards is good overall, the keycaps are made of lower-quality ABS plastic, prone to develop shine and get slippery over time. Unfortunately, the frame also exhibits considerable flexibility compared to many similarly-priced options. These keyboards have good build quality overall construction and an aluminum top plate. The top plate is made of aluminum, but the rest of the keyboard’s chassis is plastic. While these keyboards are fairly stiff overall, the unit we bought and tested needed to be flexed and straightened out slightly before it would sit flat on our desk during testing. Otherwise, the keys and stabilizers are stable, and there aren’t any ratting sounds while typing. The low-profile keycaps are of decent quality, but they’re made of lower-quality ABS plastic, which is prone to developing a shiny finish and getting slippery over time.

Roccat Vulcan II Max Driver


  • TITAN II Optical Mechanical Switches
  • Translucent Detachable Palm Rest
  • Easy-Shift [+]™unlocks a second function layer
  • Smart Keys with dedicated LED indicate when secondary functions are active
  • Dedicated Media Controls
  • Durable aluminum top plate
  • On-board storage for up to 4 user profiles
  • 3rd party keycap compatibility
  • HD AIMO™ RGB Lighting

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